Friday, October 10, 2008

bug in kotor 2

Knights of the Old Republic II is a nice game, but obviously not a completed one in terms of testing. During my jedi's Korriban visit, I was annoyed because of a single and recurring bug: my main character decides not to move at all. Furthermore, that bug still exists although I updated the game with the latest (and probably the last) patch. With a bit of luck I found a workaround. All you have to do is save your game (eventhough your character doesn't move), and after that load that save. You'll see that now you can walk/run.

windows services

Black Viper offers a nice site with lots of information on Windows Services. If you're interested in freeing up some of your ram by closing unnecessary services, I'd recommend to take a look at the site. The site even contains reg files which apply the optimal service settings with your single click.
And no, Black Viper is not a 11 year old guy as you extrapolated from the nickname.

free movie downloads

Direkfilmindir (which means "download movies directly" in Turkish) offers a small but free collection of movies. These downloads are direct from the site's server and there's no fee for forum registration.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

mp3 stuttering

I had a mp3 stuttering problem on vista and I had no idea if it was caused by a sound card malfunction, or a software or vista itself. Neither disabling sound enhancements from vista, nor updating sound card driver didn't help.

After I discovered the direct relation between mp3 stuttering and my torrent application, I googled a bit and found that playing music severely degrades network transfer performance in Vista. After that, my torrent application began to die if I try to close it and I googled a few forums about it. There was a chance that the whole problem is caused by my firewall application (zonealarm) which, few years back, did sweet surprises to me like locking edonkey up. So I kicked zonealarm and got comodo firewall and mp3 stuttering, lock-up on bittorrent goes away. I recommend trying this before mingling with windows services.

operation aborted error of maxthon 2

I was getting "operation aborted" error from maxthon 2 everytime I hang on facebook.
Here's the cure:

-open maxthon setup center
-choose "add hunter" from the left tab.
-click on "edit filter list" link of "content filter"
-add "facebook" to the white list