Wednesday, May 27, 2009

vncconfig's copy/paste bug

I'm doing my coding on a workstation by connecting to it with a vnc client. To be able to do copy/paste or cut/paste between my computer and the workstation I use vncconfig. But there are times it does not work at all. You copy your text on one computer and when you try to paste it on the other computer, nothing happens. I discovered a workaround for this. Assume that you're trying to copy/paste from computer A to computer B and nothing happens. Open the screen of computer B, copy some text from it (anything). Then open computer A and copy the desired text, later paste it in computer B. It'll do the paste now.

new metal gear? (part 2)

metal gear solid 5
Kojima strikes again! Kojima Production Website contains a teaser of a new metal gear game in which we will probably see Big Boss as the hero. I captured the picture in the right from the teaser.
Game's details like on which platforms it'll be available will be -probably- revealed in E3. If there's going to be a second metal gear on Playstation 3, there'll be no escape for me from buying it (this time).