Saturday, March 7, 2009

music, movie, book recommendations from tastekid

There are lots of sites for recommending music, books or movies based on your tastes. TasteKid is one of them and it offers good recommendations (as far as my tiny number of tests proves). Usually, it returns a high number of recommendations and thus it can fetch several unsimilar results which's its achilles' heel.

TasteKid has an interesting feature. Assuming you choose to search a movie, it can recommend you similar books and music next to similar movies. It can become quite handy sometimes. For instance, I chose "Batman Begins" as my movie query. I was expecting to have "The Dark Knight", Tim Burton's Batman movies and several comic adaptations as result. TasteKid recommended me these in addition to several comic book titles which are well selected in my opinion.

Friday, March 6, 2009

top 16 useful shortcuts in eclipse

Code of Doom presents the most useful Eclipse shortcuts. If you're using Eclipse for sometime you'll know some of them for sure, but there could be some shortcuts you missed. Check it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

an eclipse summit in istanbul? here comes eclipsist!

In 28, 29 april, an Eclipse summit (Eclipsist) will be held here in Istanbul. Eclipsist will contain some workshops and speeches about subjects pertaining to Eclipse (can't you believe?) and Java EE. The fact that there's no entrance fee to the summit obviously increases its charm.

revolution renaissance shares two songs for free

Stratovarius used to be one of my favorite power metal bands. After the band split up, the lead guitarist/main composer Timo Tolkki left the band for forming a new one named Revolution Renaissance which released a so so debut album. Revolution Renaissance shares two songs from their upcoming album for free (let me note that their website have a problem with Internet Explorer). Fingers crossed for a better second album!

Monday, March 2, 2009

take one line notes easily in linux with touch (of evil)

You're reading some comics or watching some serie and you want to take note of the last book/episode you read/watched so, few days later, you can continue from where you have left. One of the most practical ways of doing that is to put a reminder in the comic/serie directory. No need to create a text file named "tome-11" or "scrubs-s05-e11", you can create an empty file with the desired name in a single second. We can do it by using touch (of evil) command. Usually, touch command is used for changing access and modification time of files but also it is an easy way to create an empty file. Just open the terminal and write
 touch yourNote
in the comic/serie directory.