Wednesday, October 15, 2008

software holds cell phone calls while you drive

A Canadian company developed a software that will hold incoming calls during your drive. Required implementation is rather straightforward. Using the cellular network structure, the approximate location of the driver can be found. After that, you pick a time granularity (minute?) and do the math. If in the first minute the driver's on location X and in the second he's on location Y,then
distance(X, Y)/1 > driving_speed_threshold
will tell you if the driver is on the move. Notice that "1" stands for the difference between time.

For the details of the news, you can check here.


You probably know the famous Turing test. In Turing test, there's a human judge who evaluates two entities. One of the entities is human and the other is a machine. If the judge can't find which one is human by talking to them, then the machine passes the Turing test.
Loebner prize is given every year to the best chatbot. 2008's winner is not very close to pass the Turing test but you can chat with him if you want to know him better.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

emails we shouldnt send

An engineer from Google finds a solution for emails sent with the undesired effect of alcohol drinks. The implemented system will check if you can solve few simple math questions, thus prevent you from sending stupid "We should get back together" emails. Check it here.
I think an SMS version would be appropriate assuming it is easier to send a SMS than an email.

bastard!! online

Bastard!! will have its own MMORPG. It is interesting indeed since this anime can't be considered 'popular' and the competition in MMORPG domain is fierce. Check the trailer here.

Monday, October 13, 2008

propaganda posters

propaganda poster

You better take a look at these propaganda posters that I discovered from digg. They are true gems imo: the way they manage to associate every single harmful event to Germany and Japan, and the solid racism they deliver. Bon appétit!