Wednesday, December 10, 2008

can you run it?

can you run itCanYouRunIt retrieves your PC configuration and compares it to the official system requirements of games. In one tab there's the minimum requirements and in the other the recommended requirements. The website tells you if your system meets the requirements, so you won't have to spend time for searching this information elsewhere.

I wonder how it is possible to not being able to play GTA 4 with more than medium details on a three months old PC. Should I say I hate bad ports?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

new metal gear?

Hideo Kojima's -the mind behind the Metal Gear Series- web site contains something that will interest all metal gear fans (such as myself). It contains illustration below:
metal gearNotice the similarity with Xbox 360's power button and the exclamation point in the equation and in the power button which can imply Metal Gear Ac!d series. A new metal gear game for Xbox 360? Or a new metal gear acid game? We will -again- wait and see.