Saturday, March 21, 2009

you wish you could catch and cancel that email you sent, don't you?

If your answer to the title of this entry is yes or YES or several time yes/YES, then rejoice because now gmail can undo emails. After you send an email with google mail, you have five seconds to change your opinion and cancel sending this mail. It is an inarguably useful feature considering how many times you (I) wish you (I) didn't send "that" email. A job application without a CV attached to it is not that effective isn't it? Yeah I though so...

Notice that it's a labs feature. You have to activate it from there to use it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

netbeans 6.5 and struts 2

It is not really straightforward to add Struts 2 capabilities to Netbeans 6.5, so I'll try to explain it in details.

  1. Go to nbstruts2support project's page and download two nbm files under the "release modules" folder.
  2. Open netbeans 6.5 > tools > plugins > downloaded > add plugins. Then choose both nbm files and click next until the installation is complete.
  3. You can now create java web projects with struts 2 framework support (Don't forget to tick Struts 2 on Frameworks window). Notice that you can automatically generate a "hello world" page using Struts 2.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

data mining in hr department?

Businessweek has a short article about the usage of data mining in human resources departments. Although the article is -unfortunately- free of statistical details, it's still an interesting read for learning the practical uses of data mining. In this example, data mining is used for assessing "values" to workers for extracting important and less important workers.

ibm is planning to buy sun

Although there's no official statement on the matter, world street journal informs us of the possibility that IBM is planning on buying Sun. I wonder what will happen to Netbeans if that transaction takes place. Even though I largely choose Eclipse over Netbeans, it won't be cool to lose that IDE. I still think that Netbeans is better than Eclipse for web development on Java.