Wednesday, October 23, 2019

benchmark for new string methods of java 11

While I was checking what's new in Java 11, I saw that there are several new methods for String class. So I wanted to do a microbenchmark with old way of doing things and by using new methods. These new methods are;

boolean isBlank()

String strip()

Stream lines()

isBlank() is tested agains trim().isEmpty(), strip() is tested agains trim() and lines() is tested agains split().

Here are the results:

Benchmark Score
lines 3252919
split 2486539
strip 18280130
trim 18222362
isBlank 25126454
trim + isEmpty 19854156

Scores are based on operations per second so the more the better.
As you can see lines() is much faster than split().
strip() and trim() performed quite similar.
isBlank() outperformed trim() + empty().

You can check the benchmark code here.