Saturday, December 3, 2011

mongodb is evil?

NoSQL databases were quite popular (with cloud computing and scala) at this year's devoxx and one of these databases was MongoDB. The way you define your models with json-style and the performance benefits seemed like the real power of MongoDB but the following article states that you should reconsider your choice if you choose MongoDB in something other than a toy project. See if mongoDB is evil.

Monday, November 28, 2011

flex likes surprises

Recently I got an odd error while working on flex.
While debugging, I saw that the following code seems to have a value in "container.eGrid.selectedItem" part. It's populated with an object of type MyObject.
But "e" of type MyObject is null. Seems nonsense right? I'm just setting what's in right to left.
A bit later, I saw that I mapped MyObject to a wrong java remoteclass. When I fixed this issue my "e" variable got populated.

var e:MyObject = container.eGrid.selectedItem as MyObject;