Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ready to kill some processes/applications in linux?

In Linux -as in all modern Operating Systems-, applications become unresponsive and you may want to kill the process pertaining to them. To do this, open the terminal and write this:

killall applicationName

If that does not work try

killall -9 applicationName

If you don't have an idea about the application name, you can take look at the current processes by writing


then to kill the processes you want

kill processID

If that does not work then try

kill -9 processID

Another possibility is to use xkill (for applications with gui). The window of the application waiting to be killed should be visible. Then, open Terminal and type

and later choose the window of the application to be killed.


  1. Recently I move to Linux and this is really helpful tip, 10x

  2. np,
    I'll recommend linux mint as distro, radoslav

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