Wednesday, July 17, 2013

java.lang.illegalstateexception: missing behavior definition for the preceding method call

I have the following exception while mocking a final method with PowerMock.

java.lang.illegalStateException: missing behavior definition for the preceding method call

My previous code was:

 ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource mockMessage =
null, Locale.ENGLISH)).andReturn("error_message");

Then I realized that createMock() and replay() belongs to EasyMock not PowerMock.
I explicitly did these calls:

 ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource mockMessage =
PowerMock.createMock(ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource .class);
null, Locale.ENGLISH)).andReturn("error_message");

But that's not enough. For PowerMock to work, you'll also need to add few annotations before the class definition.


Notice that @PrepareForTest can also be defined just before the test method.
After these fixes my test begins to work.

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